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Working trip to Essex

We have just been on a working trip to Essex. Shona and Jessica came to and we parked up on Mum’s drive. One of the great things about FlowerRozy is her size, she can go anywhere a medium sized car can go. Shona and I canvassed an estate called North Melbourne. We shot 7 great families (with a camera that is) and I am looking forward to heading back to deliver them in a couple of weeks. We are offering a really superb deal at the moment. We managed to get hold of some 30 inch stretcher bars at a great price so we are focussing on 30 inch X 20 inch canvasses. No idea if they will sell well but we will see.

FlowerRozy handled herself really well and we slept like logs. The new gearbox is settling in and my mind is working overtime on how to fit some external storage systems. I fancy one on the rear door that opens out into a bench to ahve a BBQ on. We would also manufacture an awning to go on the back. On the top there is room for another storage box but I also want another solar panel so I guess the answer is to manufacture a box with a flat top and put the solar panel onto that. Some careful planning to do.

I saw this post onĀ  www.motorhomefacts.com (click here) by very well know motorhomer Don Madge. He has a storage system on the rear door of his panel van and I like this design as it still allows for the opening of the door


Don’s van is in at Timberland Motorhomes being resprayed at the moment but when it comes back I would love to see it.