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Three signal – the angel of the north

I thought I would start todays post with pictures as that is what strikes me about this area – the scenery is superb. I am a bit rushed this morning having the dog show just a few hours away but when I have more time I will post some more but these were taken within yards of where we are parked tonight.

The Three signal is as good as the one down in Stowmarket I had a few weeks ago. When Three get the whole country covered its going to be superb

Three dongle for internet access

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was impressed with the Three signal at The cedar’s hotel, Stowmarket where the wedding was. I decided to take advantage of it and got up at 5.30am to sort the photographs and get them online. The album was 38megs in size and Three handled it fantastically, if you want to have a look click on this link

I think Three have really take the mobile internet market by storm. T Mobile are about to link up with them and then they will be a real force. Vodaphone seems to have lost direction at the moment if our dongle from them is anything to go by