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Oh how I worked

Sadly the second TV did not get fitted, did not even get started on. I did have lots of prints to get done for a wedding customer, thats my excuse, although Leigh’s comment on how time evaporates explains a lot too. I posted yesterday about NikonCafe, its a great site but wow does time vanish. On motorhomefacts I am the top poster on 10 000 posts plus but the admin on Nikoncafe has over 25 000 – thats a real wow

Time evaporates

I got up quite early this morning, logged on and then went to a new forum a good friend of mine, Chris from Devizes had put me onto. The site is called http://www.nikoncafe.com/vforums/ and is mainly USA based. Compared with a lot of the UK forums I go on it is very upbeat and positive.Two hours have now vanished as I have read loads and even posted on it, I think it will take up a lot more of my time.

Yesterday was spent in argument with Shona – fantastic. I think we have spent long enough on one site and we are ready to move on. Problem we have is our two sons are saying they are coming to see us next week and it will be an ideal site as it has very good facilities. We will have to see how it all goes I guess.

I am going to try to fit a second TV today. I am mentioning it as I have been trying to get around to it for ages and I thought that if I mentioned it to the world I would get on with it. I also need to rewire the front TV as at the moment it powers off the starting batteries which is no good at all.