Got to get out more

We used the motorhome yesterday for a trip over to Newark railway station to collect our daughter Penny who had travelled up from Suffolk to spend a few days with us. The gear selector was sticking again, probably because we have not used her much for a while. Popped into see Jack our friendly mechanic who crawled under and whilst I wiggled the gear stick about he sprayed it with lubricant. Seemed a lot better afterwards. When it sticks its very hard to find 1st and 5th gear. Ist makes pulling away at junctions pretty scary as until you actually get going you have no idea whether you are in 1st or 3rd lol.

Going to be doing some more work soon on her. The front locker needs doing. Whislt in Newark I dropped into a well known motorhome dealer for some ideas. I quite liked this idea although I always had hte intention of fitting lockers in the front

Whilst there I also looked at a N&H Flair A class motorhome they had. It was sad to see the state it was in. No idea how old it was but it had damp, you could smell it. But in its hey-day it must have been superb with its classy fixtures and alde wet central heating system. I got another idea as well as to how to rebuild the front bed with sliding slats

Back home I sat there pondering where to buy bed slats from and of course the answer was obvious – Ebay lol. Ebay led me to a very interesting company called Kintech. Kintech make items for all the main caravan companies and will bespoke make an item for you. This caught my eye

I am going to do some measurements and will then ask them for a price although I still fancy constructing my own

Back to the motorhome dealer I also spotted this

which neatly opens out to

Looks excellent and would look superb in the rear of the van maybe.

So lots of ideas………

winters night test

We tested the van for the first time in winter. Sleeping over night with a small oil filled heater ticking away we were very cosy, even to th epoint Jessica was throwing covers off. The other leasing thing was in the morning despite searching every nook and cranny we could not find any condensation. Condensation in a metal van is a big thing, well a regular thing anyway. A friend of mine has towel loads of it coming in. When we were building her we concentrated on covering all metal surfaces. The idea we wroked to was that condensation would form whenever warm air hit a cold surface.

The next few nights will be an even better test as we are away for 4 or 5 nights with a group of friends and we will be cooking/living/sleeping in the van for the whole time


We hung some curtains today across the back doors. Its amazing the difference, makes it see so much more homely. We are almost ready now to get away over New Year. Hope the van manages ok in the freezing condidions. It never feels too bad when I first enter it but I did notice a new pack of wet wipes I left int here the other day had frozen solid