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Nice summer so far

Its proving a lovely summer. The children broke up from scholl last week and since then its been sun and more sun. Today is no different and when I went over for a shower today the sun was streaming through the trees.
I am waiting for a call from Shane and we are going to pop over to Leeds. One of the things about the North is the amount of large towns close together. I am fast thinking that if we ever wanted to expand the business again the north would be the place to do it.
Shona and Jessica are going to head over to help Sally start to get their house ready for renting out

The Dog Show

What a show, it took them 2 hours just to enter everyone. We had a good day with a steady flow of customers who all loved what we did. Working outside all day when you are not totally used to it really tires you out so we decided to stya at Vinces and Julie’s for another night. Git to get going soon though as we have prints to sort ready for a trip to Essex tomorrow

dog show 2
dog show 3
dog show4
dog show 5

Off to Newcastle

We are off to Newcastle today to see some friends Vince and Julie. We are going to photograph a dog show they are organising tomorrow but going to make a weekend of it. We decided not to go in the RV but instead we are going to stay in their RV so it will be like home from home.

Yesterday was a bit rough. It rained all day, the whole area had an electrical cut which was interesting as all we did was switch on the inverter  for electric and switch the fridge to gas – living in an RV has its advantages

Time evaporates

I got up quite early this morning, logged on and then went to a new forum a good friend of mine, Chris from Devizes had put me onto. The site is called and is mainly USA based. Compared with a lot of the UK forums I go on it is very upbeat and positive.Two hours have now vanished as I have read loads and even posted on it, I think it will take up a lot more of my time.

Yesterday was spent in argument with Shona – fantastic. I think we have spent long enough on one site and we are ready to move on. Problem we have is our two sons are saying they are coming to see us next week and it will be an ideal site as it has very good facilities. We will have to see how it all goes I guess.

I am going to try to fit a second TV today. I am mentioning it as I have been trying to get around to it for ages and I thought that if I mentioned it to the world I would get on with it. I also need to rewire the front TV as at the moment it powers off the starting batteries which is no good at all.

Three dongle for internet access

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was impressed with the Three signal at The cedar’s hotel, Stowmarket where the wedding was. I decided to take advantage of it and got up at 5.30am to sort the photographs and get them online. The album was 38megs in size and Three handled it fantastically, if you want to have a look click on this link

I think Three have really take the mobile internet market by storm. T Mobile are about to link up with them and then they will be a real force. Vodaphone seems to have lost direction at the moment if our dongle from them is anything to go by

Busy day

The day started with a trip to the MOT centre and the car flew through the test – fantastic. It was a case of a quick breakfast and then off to the wedding.

After meeting Jo, the bride at her home it was off to the church, and what a church it is. Just outside Stowmarket you leave the road and crive down a half mile track to get there. It was a beautiful wedding and I got some great shots. Stewart, the groom and Jo invited me to the wedding breakfast and then in the evening I set up a studio for the evening guests.

After such a long day I decided to stay at the hotel, which is where I am now. The Three dongle I am using is fantastic here and is really flying. It is usually good but this is the best I have ever had it

Fulltiming and working

I often see questions on forums about what sort of work you can do when fulltiming. Last night I had a chat with Colin who fulltimes in a Bessacarwith his wife Pauline.

For 23 years Colin would see his wife at home (a house) at weekends and then go off to work for the week. Colin makes medical centres. Suddenly Pauline decided enough was enough and now her boys were grown up she wanted to be with her husband fulltime. The answer was to fulltime and they chose a motorhome. As always they wish they had done it many years ago. I am not sure how some see fulltiming. Its obviously a major change in lifestyle and I think sometimes its easy to lose track of what it means. For us its freedom, freedom to be nomadic. We do not have to be moving constantly and as long as we do not break the rules of how long you can stay parked without moving on we are not worried if we stay in one place for weeks as we are at the moment.

For others, like Colin and Pauline its convenience and away of being together “fulltime”. However they have found a big, added bonus in that they have made so many friends at this site. Colin’s current contract is coming to an end and he looking to his next one. It is apparent that they do not want to move on.

Gas, damp and leaks

Got a few deliveries to do today and then its back to the van to fit the new leisure batteries. Hopefully it should not be that hard a job. We got back to the van last night and found we had run out of gas. We normally immediately get a bottle changed when empty but we didn’t when we changed on saturday. Normally we should have got away with it. Our main bottle is a 13kg and we reckon on 10 days. Thats on hookup and using a radiator. Being off hookup we were obviously using the gas heating. We normally do have it on as background heating but now it was the main. Still a drop to 5 days is a bit severe.

The other thing I am going to try to deal with is the leak we have in the front driving compartment, more of this as we progress.