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Off to Newcastle

We are off to Newcastle today to see some friends Vince and Julie. We are going to photograph a dog show they are organising tomorrow but going to make a weekend of it. We decided not to go in the RV but instead we are going to stay in their RV so it will be like home from home.

Yesterday was a bit rough. It rained all day, the whole area had an electrical cut which was interesting as all we did was switch on the inverter  for electric and switch the fridge to gas Рliving in an RV has its advantages

Summer stampede

The RV has not been a totally happy place to be over the last couple of days. I was away over the weekend and apparently the site was full to the brim with children. Shona got quite cheesed off with them all running in and out of the RV demanding food. I guess they were playing with Jessica but it does sometimes get a bit OTT.

This is summer when everyone fancies camping, I guess we will have to hold our breaths until Autumn when the early morning dews, the lower temperatures and the more regular rain enables us to get some peace back lol

Summer and fulltiming lifestyle

Its up and down, up and down. One minute its sunny, the next raining. As a fulltimer you are so much nearer to the elements. As a young child I grew up on a farm and it was similar. Your day to life day life style was sort of dictated to by the seasons because for most of it you were outside.

Then when living in town you would wake up in a house, get dressed, walk a few yards to a car, then a few yards to an office and the reverse in the evening. A trip to the shop was a great adventure and to walk a real thrill.
Now the great outdoors is a few feet away, through an RV door and I would say 70% of waking hours is outside, its a healthy way to live.

a few hours earlier

Fantastic weather

We had a great day yesterday with superb weather and its forecast for the rest of the week. We all satin the sun by the RV and the others from the site joined us. Jessica enjoyed having all the people around, she is really getting into the socialising bit. Chris loved the dog pictures we did for her and wants to order a printed book which will be interesting to do.
We also helped Vic and Karen get their fifth wheel advertised. Its a cracking machine and someone will get a great dealpict0202.jpgThere are more photographs here