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The Solar Panel in use

We love our solar panel. Its just so good at keeping the batteries charged up and once installed its free power, such a nice feeling. The other weekend we spent 4 days camping off grid and even though we watched quite a bit of television, used lights whenever and showered daily (uses the electric pump) our battereis spent most of their time fully charged, fantastic

Solar Panel fitting

We fitted the 85 watt solar panel we purchased at the Newark Show this weekend. We purchased the panel and regulator from a very helpful company whose website is Total cost was under £300, which is quite a saving over getting one fitted (fitting seems to be about £400) and its so easy.

The location for the solar panel

It took about 2 hours to fit. We decided where to put it, which was at the front of the van across the roof. One of the downsides of a van conversion is the roof is ribbed and curves so a flat panel is not going to lay flat. I did not want to have any gaps which might allow wind and rain ot get under the panel and so I used bedding mastic to build upto a level platform. two small holes were drilled for the cables. Its important to use silicon whilst putting the cables through to make the holes water tight.

The panel was then lowered into place and and angle iron was used to screw it to the room, again using silicon to seal. Negative and positive cables were taken from the battery and via a 10amp fuse on the positive attached to the regulator. The cables to the solar panel were then connected.

The panel in place

The battery was almost fully charged but even so the panel pumped in .5 amp. I think its going to be a great asset to the van