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You might have noticed an addition to fulltiming this morning, Piclens. I love this program. If you click on the view slideshow it will give you a show, I intend adding lots of these over the next few months. Once you are there you can also do a search (look in the top right cornef) for anything that takes you fancy. It brings up a variety of great pictures

The Dog Show

What a show, it took them 2 hours just to enter everyone. We had a good day with a steady flow of customers who all loved what we did. Working outside all day when you are not totally used to it really tires you out so we decided to stya at Vinces and Julie’s for another night. Git to get going soon though as we have prints to sort ready for a trip to Essex tomorrow

dog show 2
dog show 3
dog show4
dog show 5

Summer and fulltiming lifestyle

Its up and down, up and down. One minute its sunny, the next raining. As a fulltimer you are so much nearer to the elements. As a young child I grew up on a farm and it was similar. Your day to life day life style was sort of dictated to by the seasons because for most of it you were outside.

Then when living in town you would wake up in a house, get dressed, walk a few yards to a car, then a few yards to an office and the reverse in the evening. A trip to the shop was a great adventure and to walk a real thrill.
Now the great outdoors is a few feet away, through an RV door and I would say 70% of waking hours is outside, its a healthy way to live.

a few hours earlier

The Protouch


We are getting ready to launch The Protouch. We create a very nice product for out portrait customers and a number of them have asked if we can do the same with their photos – so we have decided we ought to.One of the first we did we have used as an example. This was for Annie from MHF. Her dog had died and they wanted something to remember him by. Her family were delighted with the outcome.

Our weekend in Grimsby

We got back to Colchester earlier this evening having been upto Grimsby. On the way we dropped the Clio into the main dealers at Bury St Edmund for warrenty work. We then went to Hardwick Tyres in Bury and they very kindly saved us £400 by telling us that our tyres were fine – fantastic.
120 miles later and having driven through torrential rain we arrived at Tetney. Our friends had arranged for us to stay at Little End CL at Tetney. The site was fantastic and we had a super time.There are some photographs of our weekend at