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We started using our current laptop a couple of years ago and its done a lot of work. Recently she has been really struggling and the hard drive was full to the brim. On previous machines we would also regulary defrag them but the lappy would not do that. So it was decided to reformat it whilst at mums and on broadband.

When a machine is set up to your liking it is quite a scary thing to do but last night we pressed the button and away it went. We had tried to back everything up and so afterwards it was the big task of getting everything back.

So far we have got two big problems. The dvd reader has packed up, a hardwear problem rather than software and the bluetooth will not work, needed for when we are connected via the T Mobile phone. Oh well I guess we will get there.

By the way if you saw the advert for the flowers yesterday it was only temperarily there so a newspaper could lift it. As it was a big file I have removed it as it was slow to load on mobile broadband

Three dongle for internet access

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was impressed with the Three signal at The cedar’s hotel, Stowmarket where the wedding was. I decided to take advantage of it and got up at 5.30am to sort the photographs and get them online. The album was 38megs in size and Three handled it fantastically, if you want to have a look click on this link

I think Three have really take the mobile internet market by storm. T Mobile are about to link up with them and then they will be a real force. Vodaphone seems to have lost direction at the moment if our dongle from them is anything to go by

Busy day

The day started with a trip to the MOT centre and the car flew through the test – fantastic. It was a case of a quick breakfast and then off to the wedding.

After meeting Jo, the bride at her home it was off to the church, and what a church it is. Just outside Stowmarket you leave the road and crive down a half mile track to get there. It was a beautiful wedding and I got some great shots. Stewart, the groom and Jo invited me to the wedding breakfast and then in the evening I set up a studio for the evening guests.

After such a long day I decided to stay at the hotel, which is where I am now. The Three dongle I am using is fantastic here and is really flying. It is usually good but this is the best I have ever had it


Our sister site reported over the weekend that the powers who are at Aldeburgh are putting a stop to wildcamping on their sea front. This is such a shame.
I used to play golf a couple of times at Aldeburgh when we lived in Suffolk and I played golf. It is a beautiful area of the country, not developed in any way but just stunning. You often saw in the press how it would cost you as much to buy a beach hut there as it would to buy a two bedroomed house in nearby Ipswich.
To actually join the main golf club you needed to be a doctor or lawyer. They had an artisans club for the rest. I think its such a shame that they are blocking the wildcamping.
On the other hand apparently some weekends there were upto 40 motorhomes parked there so I guess it might have been a problem. We went over to France ten years ago with our eldest three children and wildcamped for three weeks. The freedom was fantastic and I think its the best holiday we ever had.
We stayed on a lot of aires. Aires are areas in France that the local council put to oneside for motohome parking. Back then they were free but I understand some charge a few euros now. Our favourite was in Le Touquet. There are two there but the one we stayed at was right in the sand dunes. You could literally step out of the motorhome onto the sand and then walk along the beach.
During the holiday we drove along the sea road and on a few nights we just parked up on the beach car park, we felt we were in heaven. To wake up in the morning and hear the sea rolling in was fabulous. There was also entertainment on each of these mornings. At about 7.30am a tractor would arrive and plough up the beach. Then about half a dozen people would walk behind collecting the rubbish. This happened even on the remotish beaches, they seemed very keen to keep their beaches very clean.
One morning we were about to leave and a chap in a converted ambulance advised us to stay where we were. That evening there was a fantastic firework display, laid on for free by the council to celebrate a religious day. We ended the holiday wildcamping on the carpark of euro disney. Our three children now really felt they were in heaven as they went to bed right next to the door to the entertainment mecca.

MDA Touch knocked into touch

A few months ago I upgraded my T mobile phone. I have been with T mobile for about 12 years. They sent me what should have been a great phone – a T Mobile MDA touch. It has windows, is a usb modem, you can watch TV onit but it is so hard to make calls. I went to upgrade on the phone but they were out of stock at T Mobile HQ so asked me to go into a local T Mobile shop to collect.
I decided almost straight away that I did not like it and called to change it. Because I had collected it from a shop they said I did not have the option to change. They have finally agreed to but I had to go the whole way through their different levels to the directors office.

In the meantime I bought a Nokia 6210i off ebay. It is a straight forward phone but is probably the best phone ever made. T mobile are now sending me a Sony Ericson K850i. It is supposed to be the best camera phone ever made so I guess I can use it for taking pics for my blog.

A busy day ahead

Got a busy day ahead today – four portrait sittings to get through, photos to deliver etc. I hope the nature pure pressure vessel arrives. NP are sending it free and gratiuos which is fantastic. Its strange having had the filter in place for a year now you miss it somehow!

We also bought a small tow car off ebay last night. Its a small Fiat with an A frame. We are a bit worried because the seller has not contacted us to arrange when we can collect. Are we being inpatient I wonder but it is worrying.

Yesterday we were connected to the internet all day from 4.30am to 10pm. Connection was all via the little vodaphone express card. I have to say I am very impressed with it. A number of people had pointed out that the red text on black background was hard ot read so I am experimenting with different colours. Please let us know what you think by way of the comment entry.

We also added google adds. Its been interesting to watch the different ads show up – from motorhome sites to dating I was confused by this at first and then I realised it was because we have a link to fantasy flowers – a site owned by our friends Mandy and Dave. With  name like fantasy I dread to think what google might send our way lol

T Mobile

Recently I have been disappointed with T Mobile. I have been with them for years – maybe 15 and always been happy.

A couple of weeks ago I did an upgrade over the telephone. They did not have the phone they offered me in stock and asked if I could pop into a shop to get it. Of course I did. But I was not happy with the phone so I called to arrange a change under the 7 day exchange policy they told me I would get.

Because I had physically got the phone from a shop they told me I no longer had the 7 day exchange. I have spoken to a section leader, a main manager and customer relations and they all tell me the same. Yesterday I managed to get them to accept that at least the phone they had given me was faulty and they have changed it. The new one does seem to be better so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

But after 15 years of being happy with T Mobile and promoting them to everyone I come across I now think they have entered a new world of getting one past the customer – real shame.