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A winner again

Last time there was Bingo at the club Shona won a line prize and a full house one. This time she blew out on the bingo, although almost every winner was sat on our table. However she won the raffle – a top flight Hoover. No good to us as we live in an RV and it takes us about a minute to clean her up with our handheld little Dyson – a great prize though never the less.

We had the new number plate fitted to Shona’s little Hijet – she now looks very smart and quite “green” somehow with the number Fig 8113 on her. The RV is proving a little bit harder as she needs a custom size plate on her but we will get there. There is a company called Craigsplates and when I go down to the army on Thursday I shall be passing their door so I might pop in and get them then.

I finished preparing the photos from Marvis and Tabani’s wedding photos yesterday and ordered their album which is going to look fantastic. You can see their photos by clicking here

Bank holiday

Its apparently a bank holiday – when you are fulltiming its so easy to forget. I was reading some of the forums earlier this morning and on one there was a tread asking why people were not away in their vans – cleaning the house was a common one. I think just as a house dweller cannot understand how a fulltimer can survive in a van a fulltimer cannot why people want the weight and effort of keeping a house.

Don’t get me wrong, if you have a large family then all of you squashed into a van for a long period of time might well not work but why on earth does a couple want to have a four bedroomed house and an acre of garden to maintain, I am sure someone will tell me.

We are going to arrange to have new number plates put onto the vehicles today. Its looking likely to be a bit of a minefield after initial chats with motorshops. Still it was Shona’s idea and purchase so maybe I will just sit in the sun – but probably not.


We have decided to book for the Stratford RV show at the start of June. Its really good value – a whole weeks camping for just £43 (if booked with a club).

We shall take the Hijet as well and enjoy a week of looking around Stratford, might even do a few portrait sittings as well.

Out of gas

Well almost. We have never filled up at a fuel station before so Duncan is going to pop along with us to make sure we do not blow the place up. We have not actually run out but it is almost on zero so best to fill up before the bank holiday weekend. Jessica went to Grace’s birthday party last night and had a great time, tha adults then all had a curry but I am suffering this morning – not because it was a curry but because we ate so late, its not good. Won’t check the scales this morning as it will have added pounds.


Wow, what a trip. It started because I wanted to put fulltiming into its own server space. I started it in a folder on our PE (Photographyeurope) site but its got just too big and deserves its own.

I moved everything over but the posts were not showing and the url just forwarded back to PE. I decided I needed to change some settings but having done so the whole thing became unaccessable.

I learnt a lot about PHP yesterday as I slowly went through different lines of thought. Eventually I found out how to sort it and we are back up. At one moment I really thought everything was lost. My back-ups would not seem to reload, it was awful to think that all those posts might be gone.

The evening was great. Hannah and her mum Sue came by to choose Hannah’s dance photos and they absolutely loved them. Hannah photographs really well, the style she has learnt through her dancing is really good


The Colin popped by. We did some portraits of him, his wife Pauline and their little dog Sam. They are a great couple and have just been down to Gt Yarmouth to buy a new motorhome

Disaster day

Fulltiming has been down all day. I made a major error as I tried to move it from one server to another. I have had to learn so much to get it back and it is not accessible via the domain at the moment so I am writing this no one will see it until we are fully back up

Quiet day

Had a quiet day yesterday doing some printing for a dancer and generally messing about on the internet.Duncan and Chris returned from Newbury to report it had been a very quiet show, which is a shame as its the furthest one away for them. Had a coffee with Karen who fulltimes in the big fifth wheel, she was busy doing her sewing.


I delivered the first of the portrait sittings that we have done in Selby and received an excellent response. The we received a phone call from one of their husbands. He had taken the trouble to ring to say how pleased he was, “credit where credit is due” he said. It was very nice to receive such a call and makes it all worth while.

Duncan and Chris will probably get back today so we can have a chat about the next few jobs on the RV. The heating does not seem to be blowing out that much heat so I reckon we are not home and dry on the repair for that yet.

Peace returns

The site is back to normal after the group has gone. Arguements broke out both Friday and Saturday night although parked over in the woods they did not effect us. Other than children throwing mud at the RV we were ok.

Pauline and Colin are back from Becks of Gt Yarmouth with their new Bessecar which is really superb.

We are now getting ready for another busy week.