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Lots of thinking

Since the weekend we have spoken a lot about returning to fulltiming. The place we are living in is just so nice but its in one place, its static and its not free. Jessica has started school and as part of our thinking process we ahve been discussing her schooling, would she be better of in home education.

She came home yesterday quite upset. She had run up to Mathew at school, the son of someone we know to say hello and he turned and kicked her hard. I guess it was a nine year old not wanting to admit he knew a four year old girl in front of his mates, not nice and is it an environment we want for her?

Last window in, the picture window

The biggest window went into the sliding door  yesterday and it was the easiest. Was this was just luck or whether we are now getting proficient? lol We started off by cutting the horizontal beam that went across the door. This beam stops the booming sound on vans, obviously this will not be a problem now as there is no sheet of metal to boom!

We then cut the metal as we have before and fitted the window in our now tried and tested way (see earlier posts). The sliding door has been giving us problems in that it was not fitting correctly but we also managed to fiddle and get it to work. It takes a bit of a slam and we are going to have fit a grab handle but overall I think we made vast improvements.

Norm’s wife has her brother and sister down for a few days so today we are hoping to get the L shaped seating arrangement in at the front and then I am going to bring it home to do the wiring up over the weekend whilst Norm entertains. We are working towards getting it ready for the end of March. Shona wants to use her van over Easter!!!!

Is Jessica dreaming of her new motorhome

Nice summer so far

Its proving a lovely summer. The children broke up from scholl last week and since then its been sun and more sun. Today is no different and when I went over for a shower today the sun was streaming through the trees.
I am waiting for a call from Shane and we are going to pop over to Leeds. One of the things about the North is the amount of large towns close together. I am fast thinking that if we ever wanted to expand the business again the north would be the place to do it.
Shona and Jessica are going to head over to help Sally start to get their house ready for renting out

Summer and fulltiming lifestyle

Its up and down, up and down. One minute its sunny, the next raining. As a fulltimer you are so much nearer to the elements. As a young child I grew up on a farm and it was similar. Your day to life day life style was sort of dictated to by the seasons because for most of it you were outside.

Then when living in town you would wake up in a house, get dressed, walk a few yards to a car, then a few yards to an office and the reverse in the evening. A trip to the shop was a great adventure and to walk a real thrill.
Now the great outdoors is a few feet away, through an RV door and I would say 70% of waking hours is outside, its a healthy way to live.

a few hours earlier

Good day for Jessica

Sunday morning at 9.45am – it was a tough night
The site here is proving a really good tonic for Jessica. She has been naturally quite shy with other people and especially other children. We have been aware that we needed to address this before too long. Since we have been here she her confidence has really improved. She sits chatting to Chris. Yesterday she played just outside the RV and waved and said hello to everyone who walked by. She also showed a real interest in the other children.Last night the site held a bingo night. Jessica spent the night running around, pushing a toy pushchair and throwing a ball back to the other children. We also won in the bingo – a full house won us a 204 piece drill set and a line won a crying doll for Jessica – a fantastic night all around.

Jessica’s walk

Jessica decided it was such a nice day we should go for a walk. Shona had gone into town so we locked up and set off. We walked down the road a little and then having said hello to the horses we turned left down a bridle path.

It was then through woods and across brooks to another bridle path. We stopped and looked at the buds on the trees and the flowers, including some bluebells. Suddenly Jessica looked exhausted so I lifted her onto my shoulders, we must have walked 2 miles by then. Within minutes she was snoring. Yep, she had fallen asleep on my shoulders.
Shona then phoned to find out where we were and she offered to come and fetch us. We gratefully saw the car a little while later but we had enjoyed our walk. Fulltiming means you can get so closeto nature

Jessica’s new blog

I enjoy keeping this blog so much I have decided to start one for Jessica see here.

Shona and I will keep a daily record of her life until she can take it over. I can’t remember much of my early life. I wish I had started this for her two years ago when she was born but maybe we can create a resume for her of those two years