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Was this the explorer’s last load

Three years ago when we went fulltiming we hired a garage to store “our stuff” in. We have finally got around to emptying it and the explorer was used to lug it all back up here. It now sits in our studio so we now have no studio. We are going to do what we should have done three years ago and that is – if it has not got a use to us sell it or dump it. Lesson learnt!

Live your life or click fast forward

We watched a great film last light called click. It was filmed in 2006 and starred Adam Sadler and the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale. Yet despite how gorgeous she was Adam’s character put his work first, first and first every time. He is give a universal remote control which gives him total control over his own universe.

After a while he realises he can fast forward over the bad bits of his life. Sadly though most of his life is bad, by his own making and so before he knows it he is at the end of it, having not actually lived any of it. Fortunately for him the angel of death allows him another chance but for for us, in real life, as far as we know we do not get a second chance.

Its really hard to live life as we truly want to. Maybe we spend our lives trying to realise how we want to live it, maybe this is the true meaning of searching for the holy grail. Society teaches us to have a firm base, not something a fulltimer has or is that truly the case?  Maybe the firm base is ourselves, not the things we have a round us or more accurately the type of things. I remember when we were fulltiming taking the time to show Jessica the first snowdrops of the year. I noticed them the other day from my bedroom window and meant to show Jessica but forgot because I was in too much of a rush to get going. We used to make times for nature walks but not in the last year and the last year is now gone.

Click is a great bit of entertainment with a subtle but very important message, try to watch it

Click Summary

Nature Walk

First longish trip

We have been to Essex this weekend, around trip of 400 miles.  Jessica loved sitting in the front between her mum and dad so that confirmed it, we are keeping the three seats. We were all impressed with her and remarked on how smooth and quiet she was. We did a MPG check and she returned 31 mpg, more than either of our cars lol. As we travelled down we talked about where we wanted to go in her, the lakes, the mountains, Scotland, France, Spain and of course Euro Disney were all mentioned

First events booked

lol, not wanting to put pressure on but we have booked our first planned events,  a weekend at the end of March at The Newark motorhome show and then immediately afterwards at maplethorpe with a group of friends from motorhomefacts. By then we need some form beds and heating, everything else we could wing it. But heck we are looking forward to it. Its actually been sometime since we have had a break. I think since it was before we went fulltiming. Fulltiming seems like a holiday in a way so you forget its good to get away, even from that.