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Today’s breakfast



If you are wondering why I have posted a photograph of my breakfast its because I have just set up my Iphone4 to post straight to the blog. I can’t believe, really that I have not done it before! 5 years ago whilst at my inlaws I first discovered mobile internet. Of course its not common place but back then even T Mobile, our then provider were denying it was possible but I was connecting. I have used wordpress since 2008 and yet its taken me months to get around to linking the Iphone to wordpress via a free app. Its going to be great, expect more posts, regular posts, throughout the day, hope you don’t get bored lol.


Where it will be great is with a new blog I am bout to launch at For the past two weeks I have been on a diet. Now with the diet I did find an app, one called myfitnesspal. You enter everything you eat and it works out the calories and everything. In the last two weeks I have lost over 10lbs. Now although 10lbs is only a small percentage of my weight, I was 24st 7lbs when I started 10lbs is making big changes to my life. No longer do I feel exhausted. My body aches less and I feel less stressed. It also helps to eat more regulary and better meals rather than snacking.