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winters night test

We tested the van for the first time in winter. Sleeping over night with a small oil filled heater ticking away we were very cosy, even to th epoint Jessica was throwing covers off. The other leasing thing was in the morning despite searching every nook and cranny we could not find any condensation. Condensation in a metal van is a big thing, well a regular thing anyway. A friend of mine has towel loads of it coming in. When we were building her we concentrated on covering all metal surfaces. The idea we wroked to was that condensation would form whenever warm air hit a cold surface.

The next few nights will be an even better test as we are away for 4 or 5 nights with a group of friends and we will be cooking/living/sleeping in the van for the whole time

Fulltiming in a motorhome

Its this time of the year, winter that IĀ  wish I was still fulltiming. Sounds odd doesn’t it, its winter, so its cold, wet etc and they want to be a motorhome. A house is just so hard to heat, and when you get it warm its so expensive. I remember back and the van was so cosy with just a small heater, we never felt cold. I guess the only pain was when you went in and out of the van and it was wet it was treading in that wet that was the pain.

Lots of thinking

Since the weekend we have spoken a lot about returning to fulltiming. The place we are living in is just so nice but its in one place, its static and its not free. Jessica has started school and as part of our thinking process we ahve been discussing her schooling, would she be better of in home education.

She came home yesterday quite upset. She had run up to Mathew at school, the son of someone we know to say hello and he turned and kicked her hard. I guess it was a nine year old not wanting to admit he knew a four year old girl in front of his mates, not nice and is it an environment we want for her?

Fulltiming weekend

This weekend we traveled down to Norfolk for a weekend amongst fulltimers and motorhomers thinking of fulltiming.

About ten couples got together exchanging ideas and worries and past experiences. Our good friend carl was there wh0 has been fulltiming for about 18 months and is doing another van conversion at the moment.

There was a couple of professionals David and Sarah who want to escape the rat race. They had a beautiful G reg Hymer 690. It amazes me that these vehicles look so great after all these years. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course but I think they are the classic motorhome and will also conjure up dreams of crossing deserts and wildernesses.

A Hymer B694

A pig farmer Baz popped up with his wife jaquie for a coffee and enjoyed himself so much he went off and came back with his fantastic dethleffs motorhome and their friends in their dethleffs too. Baz and Jacquie already winter in SPain but are seriously thinking of fulltiming. Jacquie has the worry that many women have and that is what would happen if anything happened to Baz. I can rememebr meeting a lady in Devizes who, at the age of 82 fulltimed in a citroen romahome……

Two couples Jules and Tony and Barbara and Richard have jsut started fulltiming, both in the last week, exciting times ahead I think for both of them.

Us, we drove home remembering the great times we had fulltiming and talking about the future. The future, well you never know what might happen

The joys of fulltiming

As we woke this morning Shona said that one of the things she loves about fulltiming is waking up with peace all around us and she is right. I normally get up at about 5am and do a few hours on the computer. All I can hear are the birds singing. I pulled the night blinds up and if I look to my left Jessica is sleeping and behind her through the window I have just watched the sun rise.

Off to Newcastle

We are off to Newcastle today to see some friends Vince and Julie. We are going to photograph a dog show they are organising tomorrow but going to make a weekend of it. We decided not to go in the RV but instead we are going to stay in their RV so it will be like home from home.

Yesterday was a bit rough. It rained all day, the whole area had an electrical cut which was interesting as all we did was switch on the inverterĀ  for electric and switch the fridge to gas – living in an RV has its advantages

Time evaporates

I got up quite early this morning, logged on and then went to a new forum a good friend of mine, Chris from Devizes had put me onto. The site is called and is mainly USA based. Compared with a lot of the UK forums I go on it is very upbeat and positive.Two hours have now vanished as I have read loads and even posted on it, I think it will take up a lot more of my time.

Yesterday was spent in argument with Shona – fantastic. I think we have spent long enough on one site and we are ready to move on. Problem we have is our two sons are saying they are coming to see us next week and it will be an ideal site as it has very good facilities. We will have to see how it all goes I guess.

I am going to try to fit a second TV today. I am mentioning it as I have been trying to get around to it for ages and I thought that if I mentioned it to the world I would get on with it. I also need to rewire the front TV as at the moment it powers off the starting batteries which is no good at all.

A frame in use

Fantastic. The night before we left for Lincoln, which was yesterday I started to really consider whether having the A frame done was right or not. I wondered if we would work out how to connect it. I wondered if the RV would tow the Hijet ok, it was a real worry and I awoke with a headache.
After we had showered I moved the vehicles around to the tap and filled with water and emptied the waste tanks.Whilst all that was going on I linked the vehicles together and all seemed easy and straightforward. I asked Barry who was walking by to check my work and he agreed it all looked ok.

We set off for the 58 mile trip for Lincoln. After 100 yards I pulled over to check – and then again at a mile and then again at 5 miles but then it was onto the motorway so we now had 35 miles of not being able to check!
But all seemed ok and it was not until we left the motorway that a mishap happened. We went around a sharp roundabout and as I looked in the mirror the electric hookup cable had fallen out of a locker and was trailing along the road. I pulled over and put everything back but how next job is to put new catches of some sort onto them.
As we carried onto Lincoln an amazing thing happened. We were doing 45 miles an hour and going uphill. I looked at the lorry coming towards us on the other side of the road and then as I glanced into my mirror I saw a tugger pull out to overtake us. I accelerated as there was no chance of him getting past and I wanted to make room for him to pull back in which he did but not without his caravan snaking and looking as though it might turn over. He pulled into a layby 1/4 down the road, presumably to consider how squashed on the road he could have been!