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Nature Pure

We noticed a few days ago that our carpet was wet. After initially thinking Jessica had been playing games we made further investigations and discovered our nature pure water filter was leaking. I dismantled it and found the actual filter was completely blocked, totally full of muck it had filtered from the water. We order new parts from the suppliers yesterday and they arrived today – cracking service. I shall fit it over the weekend

Jessica is putting sentences together well

Jessica is really developing now at putting sentences together. This morning she muttered “I drink of milk please”.

Its really exciting to share this with her. She has just walked up to me with the yoghurt and offered me some, she then ran back to the kitchen and leaning towards me she offered me some toast, I then asked her if I could have cereal with yoghurt over it and very seriously she said yes. So Jessica takes my request, gives it to her mum to make and then Jessica brings it over to me. Are they looking after me or making sure I keep working lol

Weight Loss – don’t worry

It has been really nice how many people have emailed me since I wrote about my loss of enthusiasm about dieting. I am still working at it and have left the 22st 10lb behind. My weight is now fluctuating between 22st 9lb and 22st 8lb. Even a 1 to 2 lb loss per week will result in a big loss over a year.

Back from Focus

We are back from Focus now having really enjoyed the show. Jessica seemed to really enjoy it, last year as a 1yr old lots of people kept saying they had seen her picture. We wondered whether they were all MHF members but it was photographer Julie Oswin who was working on the Epson stand who had asked if she could photograph her. We went back to see the photograph and she gave us a big canvas.
This year she asked again, she could not remember asking last year and she gave us a big canvas this time as well so we were well chuffed. We said we would see them next year again 😆 but they have asked us to pop over and see them at their home before then so that was nice.
I was astounded at the number of Macs that were at the show, it seemed every trader had one. One stand Rapid had thirty!

We have got lots of work to do now and have to catch up after being away for 4 days


We have just spent two very enjoyable days at the Focus on Photography show at The NEC. It was costly , entry was free as we are professionals but car parking was £8 a day and two cups of coffee and two biscuits came to £8.50 – wow!!But the show was great. Day one of course we won the express digital software and on day two the highlight was Jessica having her photo taken for the second year running by Midlands photographer Julie Oswin. We got chatting to Julie and her husband Steve. They are a very nice couple and have invited us to drop in if we are ever near their home, something we will make sure we do.Julie and Steve were on the Epson Gemini stand. Printers were the thing we really went to Focus to see. The time has come to get one to go in the van so we are totally mobile. It has now come down to either Epson or HP, we have to make a choice asap.Focus was very busy on both days with crowds pushing and shoving but we made some great new friends and contacts.  We managed to meet up with our friend Chris from and have lunch with him.  
Jessica did really well and walked around for the whole two days, what a superstar.heath.jpg
This was me playing with the Canon Eos1 mkIII and a 600mm on the canon stand – wow what a fantastic set up they had, really good. I was photographing the crowds and looking for someone to stand out when up popped Heath from Expressdigital so I snapped a pic quick

Winning at Focus – fuller story

We attended a great day at Focus on Photography at The NEC yesterday. To say it was crowded was an understatement Crying or Very sad

Little Jessica did great and spent the whole day cheerfully walking about without a whimper, smiling and charming everyone Very Happy

In the morning we entered a competition on the Photomart stand. It was not too taxing as all we had to do was to drop our business card into a box. It was novel for me as its the first business card I have had in twenty years of business and I only made them because you get constantly asked for them at these shows Laughing . The prize was a copy of expressdigital darkroom – worth £1000.

To win you had to be back at the stand for 5pm. I nearly forgot as I was not watching the time and to be honest at 5pm if you had asked me the time I was so busy looking at printers and presentation material for all I knew it could have been 1pm or 10pm.

But got back I did. I know Photomart as we purchase from them and I stood chatting to one of the sales managers as event photographer Keith Trainer went through his demo routine again.

They asked Jessica if she would pull the card – but what if I win I laughed. As it happens Jessica was tired by then so they asked a slightly older child.

The first card out was a very smart looking affair that opened out almost into a brochure, I turned to the sales manager Mark and said “Thats not mine, far too good, mine is homemade”. The reply was that I should get a flashier one, could not argue with that, the owner of the flash one had just won a fantastic prize Crying or Very sad

But the winner had not bothered to come back so another card was drawn.. The winner’s name was called out – Shona and Stewart Wall – Shocked was Me I can tell you.

Shona was looking at another stand and I had Jessica so the two of us went up to receive the prize from Keith and a very gorgeous young lady who had been the model for the day.

Shona’s first news was hearing the chairman of Photomart ask one of his staff who had won and the response was Artona. She heard the chairman respond “Ah Artona, very nice chap” a comment worthy of being part of the prize Very Happy

I would like to thank PhotoMart, Expressdigital and Keith Trainer for the prize. The software is going to be a real asset to our business and I can’t wait to get to grips with it. It is Photo printing control centre software (I just made that up but it says it all I hope). I photograph a number of events and it will really speed things up.

Oh and the business cards – no one else asked for them as they all had a pen to swipe the barcode on your badge

Focus win

What a fantastic day and made even better when our business card was pulled out of the box and we won a £1000 digital software package thanks to Photomart, we are over th emoon.

We met our friends Joe and Ann and had a meal with them after the show. Jessica was great and walked about all day without a moan