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Bad morning for diets

Last night we slipped up. Both Shona and I had been doing really well. I had dropped to 22st 7lb, lowest for ages. We had, over the last few weeks been sharing a portion of fish and chips but last night we slipped up and had a whole portion each – result a 2lb increase for us both

Diet Day 13 Mon

Emm, back up to 22st 10lb but then yesterday I did have a lovely roast at mums and then 2 slices of cheese on toast at 10pm

8am milky coffee – very bad

9am scrambled eg on toast, coffee

12 noon share of chips and curry suace

3pm cup of tea

6pm spagetti and ham

8pm treacle pudding

10pm coffee

Diet Day 12 Sunday

22st 9lb – Not too sure I should be happy the weight is staying off or sad it is not going down.

5am – 7.15am 2 small balck coffees

10.30am 2 slices of toast, coffee

10.50am cup of soup

1pm small coffee

3pm Pear

4pm Chicken roast

6pm coffee

7pm coffee

8pm choc drink

10pm 2 slices of cheese and tomotoe with chillies on toast

Diet 9 Thursday

Dropped back to 22st 10lb. I spke to Shona last night about trying a few days on prepacked healthy options food. I think if we went for these with veg then we would not feel hungry and pick. She has already got a roast in for today but we will be looking to start tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the tenth day I have been blogging my diet and in that time I have lose 5lb, not bad I suppose but I would like to do better

5.30am hot blackcurrent

9am Breakfast cereal, coffee

12 noon mushroom soup, banana, coffee

3pm coffee

6pm Roast chicken and veg, coffee

8pm coffee

10.30pm 2 chicken sandwiches, coffee

Diet Day 8 Wednesday

22st 11lb this morning so a 1lb increase but then I did scoff quite a bit of choc yesterday so just what I deserved.

6am small coffee

7am small coffee

9am breakfast cereal

12 noon sushi, bottled water

3pm omlette, tea

6pm black current juice

6.30pmĀ  Lamb and veg – very nice, apple stugel and custard

8pm coffee

Diet day 7

Forgot to do the weigh- in this morning – naughty me lol

7am to 9am 3 small cups of coffee

9am cereal

11am cup of tea

12noon beans on toast/small cup of coffee

1.30pm cup of tea

3pm Cup of instant diet chocolate / few roses chocs

5pm small cup of coffee

8.30pm kiev and veg, small coffee and small bag od choc buttons

10pm Cake and custard, instant choc

Diet day 6

22st 10lb – 5lb down on the week so happy with that. I think a lot of it has been down to replacing sugar with canderal. The difference with the amount I drink is over 4000 cal per week so it has definately worth getting used to the taste

4am to 8am 4 small cups of coffee

9am breakfast cereal, coffee
10am coffee
3pm cup of tea, 4 poppodoms
5pm cup of coffee
6pm healthy options curry and veg
7.30pm cup of coffee

Diet day 5

Excellent down to 22st 9lb and it feels great, almost half a stone in a week

7am small cup of coffee
8am cup of tea
9am small cup of coffee . small bag of chocolate drops with Jessica

11am Large cup of coffee

12noon Large cup of tea

3.30pm chicken roast, ice cream and trifle

4pm large coffee

5.30pm small bag of peanuts
7pm small coffee and a handful of Roses chocolates