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Diet day 14 -Black coffee Day

I am getting totally bored of being either 22st 10lb or sst st 9lb (as I am today)

So I am making today black coffee day. My diet today will consist of

Breakfast – cereal

Mid morning – ready diet meal – did not have, coffee

1.30pm healthy chicken hotpot, yogurt, ham, coffee

5pm cup of tea

6.30 healthy meal rice and mushrooms, low cal strawberry trifle, black coffee

8pm black coffee

9.30pm low cal choc drink

all of the above with veg

Whilst I would not want to eat ready meals all the time they only have 250cals each so it will be interesting to see how the day pans out

Planning to make a move

We have enjoyed ourselves, staying at Colchester over winter but we are thinking its time to move on. We never went fulltime to stay in one place. Last November when we sublet the shop we bought a caravan to put the Epson 7600 into. We are now looking to sell the caravan or to put it into storage.

Next weekend we are off to Focus to look at smaller printers that will go into the motorhome. We are selling the Renault Clio so that we will just have the motorhome and the Citroen Zsara. As soon as we can we want to get a small car to tow behind the motorhome. We think we need to keep a car but it would be lovely not to have to.

Now all we have to is to work out where we want to go to lol

A new Year

We are still camped with friends at The New Year Rally at Brandy Wharf. Our friends Shane and Sally have been having big problems with their electricity supply to their RV. This worries us in that whilst we would love the space of an RV we would not like to have these problems if we changed our Euramob for one. We are also concerned of course for Shane and Sally and their two boys Mathew and Jake but they are ok as Duncan and Chris who run RV mechanics Starspanngledspanner have lent them a generator.

I have decided to suggest to Shona that we spend an extra few days up here in the North of England and get the damp problem looked at by Magnums in Grimsby. On the way back we will also source the upholstery people in Nottingham and also see Van Comfort about getting the silver screens put right.

New Year

We are now at Brandy Wharf in Lincolnshire with friends from MHF for The New Year Break. On the way here we stopped off for a couple of days at Dougie and Mags lovely farm just down the rd from here. When I have a faster connection I will post a few photographs of Jessica and their sheep.

Last night I think we had our worst ever nights sleep in the Euramob thanks to a really strong wind. Seems to have died down now thankfully

That was Christmas

Its Boxing Day night and we have had an enjoyable Christmas at my mums. Yesterday our eldest son David who is now into his fourth year training as a chef made us fantastic lunch. Jessica loved getting her presents and played with them all.

Daniel is on his way

Got rid of the cold but the cough is lasting a bit longer. Shona has left to collect Daniel who is going to spend Christmas with us. Jessica and I have been cleaning the van, filling up with water and we went to get a new 13kg of calor gas – £19.24, it seems to up every week.