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How much money do you need to fulltime

Over on motorhomefun the debate is still running on how much does it cost to fulltime. This is a post I put on

For me fulltiming has never translated into meaning retirement so I have never seen it that way.

I enjoy my work and if I didn’t I would pack it in and do something else which then follows on to another point and that is I have never once worked out how long it will be until I retire and I have never understood this thing about retiring at 65. If you do a job you hate and want to retire from it at 50 why not do it? If you wait until you are 65, unless you have a great private pension what does the govern. actually give you – about as much as you could get selling ebooks on ebay!

Fulltiming for me is the total freedom to move about. I think residential sites are great RuthRV but I would never go for one as you are not free to start the key and move if you do not like the site owners rules. Suppose you have a residential home and you are a dog owner and the site suddenly introduces a new rule – No dogs!!