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New layout, wordpress and Tim Berners-Lee

Introduced this new layout last night and I think I like it. It always takes a few days before I really know if something clicks but high hopes. One of the nice things about the software I use for fulltiming is that it is totally free. Its called wordpress. It takes a little bit of getting used to but once you have it cracked its great stuff.

In essence you have wordpress itself and then you use a layout – or theme as they are known. This theme is called scarlet and more detail can be found using the link at the bottom called Talking of the web I watched a great program last night called The Virtual Revolution The Great Levelling. It was all about the web and where it came from. It featured Tim Berners-Lee who is known as the inventer of the web. I watched it in HD on the Imac and was totally blown away by the graphics. I am going to download it from the BBC Iplayer do I can play it to Jessica. I am sure at 4 years old she will not understand it but she will love watching it and in a few years time she can watch it again. Her life ahead is going to revolve around the web, as if ours does not now.

Tim Berners-Lee, inventer of the web

If you are interested, and I guess if you are reading this the web is as important to you as it is to me then more info on Tim can be seen on wiki ( see below).  Wikipedia was also featured in the program, another great freeby on the web and something everyone can be involved in. I have just done a search for fulltiming on wiki and guess which site is featured, its us, fantastic.

Today I am off to carry on work on the van. Its freezing outside and the first job of the day was to get the water working – thats on the house not the van. The pipes had decided it was too cold to work. We are hoping to start on the ceiling today but the temperature needs to lift a bit for the adhesives to work. At least we can get the timbers cut, prepared and screwed to the cross members. We also have to sort out the sliding side door as it leaks at present. Its going to be cold.

Fulltiming on wiki

Tim Berner-Lee on wiki

The virtual Revolution on BBC Iplayer


Scarlet theme


We started using our current laptop a couple of years ago and its done a lot of work. Recently she has been really struggling and the hard drive was full to the brim. On previous machines we would also regulary defrag them but the lappy would not do that. So it was decided to reformat it whilst at mums and on broadband.

When a machine is set up to your liking it is quite a scary thing to do but last night we pressed the button and away it went. We had tried to back everything up and so afterwards it was the big task of getting everything back.

So far we have got two big problems. The dvd reader has packed up, a hardwear problem rather than software and the bluetooth will not work, needed for when we are connected via the T Mobile phone. Oh well I guess we will get there.

By the way if you saw the advert for the flowers yesterday it was only temperarily there so a newspaper could lift it. As it was a big file I have removed it as it was slow to load on mobile broadband

Three dongle for internet access

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was impressed with the Three signal at The cedar’s hotel, Stowmarket where the wedding was. I decided to take advantage of it and got up at 5.30am to sort the photographs and get them online. The album was 38megs in size and Three handled it fantastically, if you want to have a look click on this link

I think Three have really take the mobile internet market by storm. T Mobile are about to link up with them and then they will be a real force. Vodaphone seems to have lost direction at the moment if our dongle from them is anything to go by

A busy day ahead

Got a busy day ahead today – four portrait sittings to get through, photos to deliver etc. I hope the nature pure pressure vessel arrives. NP are sending it free and gratiuos which is fantastic. Its strange having had the filter in place for a year now you miss it somehow!

We also bought a small tow car off ebay last night. Its a small Fiat with an A frame. We are a bit worried because the seller has not contacted us to arrange when we can collect. Are we being inpatient I wonder but it is worrying.

Yesterday we were connected to the internet all day from 4.30am to 10pm. Connection was all via the little vodaphone express card. I have to say I am very impressed with it. A number of people had pointed out that the red text on black background was hard ot read so I am experimenting with different colours. Please let us know what you think by way of the comment entry.

We also added google adds. Its been interesting to watch the different ads show up – from motorhome sites to dating I was confused by this at first and then I realised it was because we have a link to fantasy flowers – a site owned by our friends Mandy and Dave. With  name like fantasy I dread to think what google might send our way lol

Winning at Focus – fuller story

We attended a great day at Focus on Photography at The NEC yesterday. To say it was crowded was an understatement Crying or Very sad

Little Jessica did great and spent the whole day cheerfully walking about without a whimper, smiling and charming everyone Very Happy

In the morning we entered a competition on the Photomart stand. It was not too taxing as all we had to do was to drop our business card into a box. It was novel for me as its the first business card I have had in twenty years of business and I only made them because you get constantly asked for them at these shows Laughing . The prize was a copy of expressdigital darkroom – worth £1000.

To win you had to be back at the stand for 5pm. I nearly forgot as I was not watching the time and to be honest at 5pm if you had asked me the time I was so busy looking at printers and presentation material for all I knew it could have been 1pm or 10pm.

But got back I did. I know Photomart as we purchase from them and I stood chatting to one of the sales managers as event photographer Keith Trainer went through his demo routine again.

They asked Jessica if she would pull the card – but what if I win I laughed. As it happens Jessica was tired by then so they asked a slightly older child.

The first card out was a very smart looking affair that opened out almost into a brochure, I turned to the sales manager Mark and said “Thats not mine, far too good, mine is homemade”. The reply was that I should get a flashier one, could not argue with that, the owner of the flash one had just won a fantastic prize Crying or Very sad

But the winner had not bothered to come back so another card was drawn.. The winner’s name was called out – Shona and Stewart Wall – Shocked was Me I can tell you.

Shona was looking at another stand and I had Jessica so the two of us went up to receive the prize from Keith and a very gorgeous young lady who had been the model for the day.

Shona’s first news was hearing the chairman of Photomart ask one of his staff who had won and the response was Artona. She heard the chairman respond “Ah Artona, very nice chap” a comment worthy of being part of the prize Very Happy

I would like to thank PhotoMart, Expressdigital and Keith Trainer for the prize. The software is going to be a real asset to our business and I can’t wait to get to grips with it. It is Photo printing control centre software (I just made that up but it says it all I hope). I photograph a number of events and it will really speed things up.

Oh and the business cards – no one else asked for them as they all had a pen to swipe the barcode on your badge

Vodaphone modem 2

Well it worked fine on Penny’s laptop and was very fast so I have got to decide what to do. My laptop has been in daily use for 18 months now and although I regularly cehck it I have never reformatted it and I am constantly trying out different modem types. Last week I removed about 40 connections.

Hidden deep in the system there are probably alsorts of drivers and they are probably clashing. I think I will post the question on and see what other members suggest