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Revisiting old sites

This week I am back at thelodgecl in Colchester. We stayed here a few years back and have fond memories. Since we were here last site owners Paul and Caron have added a nice toilet block complete with laundry, ideal for the fulltimer. There is also a very reliable broadband connection included in the nightly charge of £10. Each pitch has it’s own water tap and grey water dump. I am shooting some family portraits and it’s been nice seeing regular customers again.

Time evaporates

I got up quite early this morning, logged on and then went to a new forum a good friend of mine, Chris from Devizes had put me onto. The site is called and is mainly USA based. Compared with a lot of the UK forums I go on it is very upbeat and positive.Two hours have now vanished as I have read loads and even posted on it, I think it will take up a lot more of my time.

Yesterday was spent in argument with Shona – fantastic. I think we have spent long enough on one site and we are ready to move on. Problem we have is our two sons are saying they are coming to see us next week and it will be an ideal site as it has very good facilities. We will have to see how it all goes I guess.

I am going to try to fit a second TV today. I am mentioning it as I have been trying to get around to it for ages and I thought that if I mentioned it to the world I would get on with it. I also need to rewire the front TV as at the moment it powers off the starting batteries which is no good at all.


Motorhoming definately seems to be gaining rapidly in popularity. There is almost not a day when there is a feature somewhere about it. Today I have read one in the online Telegraph by Sarah Beeny. She hired one from Brownhills and headed off with her family and her brother’s family for a months hoilday.

You can see the article by clicking here

She talks about wild camping and attracted a comment from someone who lives abroad and he called wild campers wampers – half camper and half w******. I think this is a shame. We have wildcamped before. If you are not sure what wildcamping is, then basically it is camping, not a campsite. We did three weeks in France camping on beaches, in forests and on aires. Aires are designated areas for camping so not really wildcamping but there are no wardens and you just get on with it.

When we went they were free although you often paid a euro for water. I believe now there is a price to pay on some of them.

When we wildcamp we ensure we are not blocking any house (or hotel etc) dweller’s view so I can’t see the problem. I can understand though people getting upset if suddenly a big motorhome/RV pulls up outside and sets up camp

Jessica’s walk

Jessica decided it was such a nice day we should go for a walk. Shona had gone into town so we locked up and set off. We walked down the road a little and then having said hello to the horses we turned left down a bridle path.

It was then through woods and across brooks to another bridle path. We stopped and looked at the buds on the trees and the flowers, including some bluebells. Suddenly Jessica looked exhausted so I lifted her onto my shoulders, we must have walked 2 miles by then. Within minutes she was snoring. Yep, she had fallen asleep on my shoulders.
Shona then phoned to find out where we were and she offered to come and fetch us. We gratefully saw the car a little while later but we had enjoyed our walk. Fulltiming means you can get so closeto nature