winters night test

We tested the van for the first time in winter. Sleeping over night with a small oil filled heater ticking away we were very cosy, even to th epoint Jessica was throwing covers off. The other leasing thing was in the morning despite searching every nook and cranny we could not find any condensation. Condensation in a metal van is a big thing, well a regular thing anyway. A friend of mine has towel loads of it coming in. When we were building her we concentrated on covering all metal surfaces. The idea we wroked to was that condensation would form whenever warm air hit a cold surface.

The next few nights will be an even better test as we are away for 4 or 5 nights with a group of friends and we will be cooking/living/sleeping in the van for the whole time


We hung some curtains today across the back doors. Its amazing the difference, makes it see so much more homely. We are almost ready now to get away over New Year. Hope the van manages ok in the freezing condidions. It never feels too bad when I first enter it but I did notice a new pack of wet wipes I left int here the other day had frozen solid

Fulltiming in a motorhome

Its this time of the year, winter that I  wish I was still fulltiming. Sounds odd doesn’t it, its winter, so its cold, wet etc and they want to be a motorhome. A house is just so hard to heat, and when you get it warm its so expensive. I remember back and the van was so cosy with just a small heater, we never felt cold. I guess the only pain was when you went in and out of the van and it was wet it was treading in that wet that was the pain.

centrally heated bathroom

The fit went really well. I was concerned because the ideal position for the bathroom outlet meant cutting through very close to some cables. With 60mm piping the hole needed to be big as well. I chose where I wanted the outlet to be and then carefully from the other side drilled a small hole. I worked on the idea that if I drilled a hole in the wrong place a tiny hole could be easily repaired. When I say the other side the other side was in a locker so any mayor mistakes would not be seen, coward arn’t I lol.

The hole came out exactly where I wanted it to be due to careful measuring. Then on the “otherside” I drilled a hole just big enough to get my finger in and feel for cables. no were felt so I drilled another, same size hole and felt again. I carried on doing this until I could feel enough to know I could then use a 62mm cutter. I had also been careful to ensure I left enough wood to get the cutter locator drill bit in and take out all my test holes.

I then cut the 62mm hole and was pleased to note I had hit a cavity perfectly and also perfectly missed any cables. I then went into the bathroom and using the small hole I initially drilled used the 62mm cutter again to finish the hole. It was then just a case of adding a new pipe to the system, screwing it all up and bingo we now have a lovely warm bathroom, fantastic

Work Progress

We have done quite a bit recently, really must get some photographs taken. We have fitted out the kitchen. It now boasts two draws, sized to take about 20 cans of whatever, a wine celler and some nice shelves. The corners have been finished off and doors fitted. We had an accident in that whilst moving things about we broke the small connector under the kitchen taps. They actually do not sell this connector and so we had to buy a brand new tap for £40. The new tap is a much better design though and I am glad the old one boke before we boxed all th efittings in.

Next job is to pipe the central heating into the bathroom. I am giving htis some thought at the moment. We installed the propex blow air system. At the moment it just goes into the living area and today I am going to put a branch into the pipe, cut a hole into the bathroom wall and fit a pipe into there. The propex outlet faces the bathroom and at the moment the pipe turns 180 degrees almost as soon as it leaves the propex and then after about 3 feet bends another 180 degrees to the outlet to the van. My initial plan is to break the first 180 degree bend, fit the branch and then pipe straight to the bathroom and refit the living area pipe.

Logic tells me that since the pipe to the bathroom will just be 2 ft long and straight and the one to the living area is longer by about 18 inches and twists twice we will ahve a lovely heated bathroom but the living area will suffer. I could leave the pipe as it is, cut between the two bends and fit a branch there making th epipe to the bathroom bend 45 degrees and be a similar length to the main living area pipe.

I think one of the most important things with self building is to have plan of action. Before embarking on any job you need to know how you expect it to go but also how you are going to adapt if things do not go as you plan……….