240v water heater connections

Having finished fitting the crankup I moved onto the 240v connection to the water heater. We are going to start lining the bathroom with plastic this week so the wiring needed to be done. All went well and after switching on 20 minutes later piping hot water was available, this time from electric heating rather than gas

working with the British weather

In my wisdom I decided this morning that I would fit a maxview crankup to the van. After building the van in January and February on the driveway in the ice, wind, rain and freezing weather I welcomed the prospect of working in the sun.

That is until at the top of the ladder under the sweltering sun, reflected nicely back into my face by the silver of the van I decided too much sun was just as bad as too little. At least I was not up there too long since the mastic and glue was setting within seconds so there was no chance to work slowly    :roll:  :roll:  :roll:

Now sat with a nice cup of tea  😀  😀