a week since last post

A week has gone by since the last post, sorry and thanks for the emails asking where we were…..

We headed off to Newark and slept our first night in the camper. It worked superbly. It was a cold night outside but the insulation kept us warm. I wold estimate we had the propex heater on for an hour max. One of the blinds decided to give up, unfortunately the largest. After a lot of messing about and trying to repair we have decided it is past it and so will have to be replaced.

We attended the spring fair at Newark, an annual event which is to be held twice yearly from now on. It was interesting viewing panel vans on sale there. Norm, who was also there reported that he had a new interest in them as well. What was interesting was the price of them, on average £38000!! wow.

After Newark we travelled to Mablethorpe with rest of the MHF crowd. The Haven site had a special offer, £17 for four nights including electricity. Again all worked in the van perfectly. Sadly though the weather was awful. We had, I think one good afternoon. We found a great place by the beach

which I am sure we will return to. It happens to be next to a very nice looking links golf course so another attraction lol.

Norm and Sandra are motorhoming for April so I am pushing on with the conversion on my todd. Currently I am working on the gas locker at the rear of the van. This is how it was when I started

It is changing considerably and I will post some update pics over the next day or so