Ready for camping, almost

We have our camper working and once I fit the foam this morning it is ready for camping. Its taken us 25 days.

Until we learn how to do upholstery I am going to buy three king size duvet sets and cut them to cover the foam. No idea if it will work but it sounds logical as we will have at least two sewn edges at least for each piece of foam.

We have fitted 240v hook up, 12v lighting and sockets, truma gas/electric water heater, propex 2000 blow heating, gas hob/sink and a shurflo water pump. The shower room is built, just needs the internal walls fitting and a shower hose but meanwhile will be a privacy room for the toilet.

The design has really worked. She can sleep four adults and seat nine. We have cosy double berths front and back which will seat three comfortably or four with a inch. We left the three cab seats as they are, having a little girl we wanted all three of us to be able to sit up there when travelling.

Norm, who has helped with the build and supplied the workshop has proven a fantastic asset, his carpentry is legendry.

We are now going to enjoy her for a few weeks whilst I earn some money (darn it lol) and then we will get to it again and fit lockers and the internal shower room and the final upholstery. We are at Newark staying with motorhomefacts so if you are there pop along and say hello, ask for Artona.

When we started this project all I had done in the past was general DIY. I wanted to do a self build and by that I mean a self build, not turn to professionals to get work done when the going got tough. I am extremely proud of the job and I know Norm quietly is as well.

Can’t wait until we start the next one. Love the citroen relay we have here but I fancy a monster Iveco, extra long wheelbase  😆 😆 😆


I know I might be biased

I know I might be biased but I think we have hit on the best layout for an 11 foot by 6 foot space ever. All the furniture is in now with just a morning’s work doing a final bit of cladding in the rear lounge. Did you notice I wrote “rear” lounge, yep we have the front lounge and the rear lounge and with the shower room and kitchen mid ships they both have privacy from each other. You could easily sit three in each very comfortably but four in each could fit with a squeeze and remember that does not include the 3 seats in the front driving area – wow.

Rained off

We got caught out by the rain yesterday, it literally poured. Norm finished the kitchen, which looks magnificent, have I mentioned that before? We also cut down the bathroom door. Norm carefully trimmed it and then removed the infill from the cut piece and refitted it giving us a perfect door again.

I meanwhile dodged the rain cutting ply and cladding the seat boxes

Final stages to Build Stage 1

It looks like its all going to plan – where is there some wood to touch lol. We commissioned the Power Control Unit yesterday morning. This unit will control the battery charging and give fuse protection to all the lights and sockets, both 12v and 240v.

Meanwhile the wheels arches were fitted complete with loads of insulation. We used a new (to us) insulation from B&Q. At £5 for three rolls it was a bargain but it was also really nice to both look at and handle. Insulation material can often be very irritating to use with little bits of fibre going everywhere. This latest type looks more like soft lambs wool but on checking I discovered it was made of recycled glass bottles. Anyway its nice to know that beneath our heads when we sleep there will be no room for any little drafts.

After the wheel arches the seats were fixed in and today the kitchen will make the furniture complete. Before the kitchen goes in though we need to hang the bathroom door. Although we will be able to swing the bathroom door open almost all the way it will not fully open due to the kitchen. So we have to fit the hinges first. We purchased a set of 10 continuous hinges for just £20 from screwfix. Each hinge is 1000mm long so they will come in very handy.

Shower room in

Yesterday we fitted the shower room. Clad in our maple finish it looks amazing. After all the very careful construction over the last few weeks it took the smallest amount of tweaking to get it all to fit perfectly, I can tell you, this will be one of the best built motorhomes in the world………

Earlier we had clad the front seating in the same maple

You can see the Propex blow heating system outlet and a double socket. We have used a classy domestic socket. There is no problem using these compared to over priced caravan ones

Its looking good

Decided not to take any pics even though I would really like to show you some. The maple is starting to go in and its looks just stunning. Norm has almost finished a work of art disguised as the kitchen, it truly looks magnificent. Each day at the moment is long, we start at 9am and finish at 6pm. The weather is getting warmer, I even started to leave a layer of clothing off, I am now down to three shirts lol.

I think it will all just come together now. All the hard work has been done and now its a case of putting it all together, build stage 1 is in our sights.

Norm sent home two bits of the maple we cut out. One was for a socket and the other the propex heater vent outlet. One was rectangle and the other round. I gave them to Jessica and within seconds she had stuck them together. I asked her what she had made and she said they were a tree again, think about what she said………………

wow, it all works

Yesterday was a very pleasing day. We switched the water pump on and presurised the system and got no leaks, that’s no leaks. I still can’t quite believe it. Then it was time to check the Truma. Gas was already there so it just had to be switched on. All we needed to do was connect to the 12v. We turned the switch and it tried to ignite but the red light came on meaning failure. After three attempts I sat back to think. Of course, I had left the weather cover on the outlet. After removal I turned the start button again and this time the gren light stayed on, success. After 15 minutes we had piping hot water, fantastic.

Today the electrician is coming to fit the 240v side. Norm meanwhile carried on building the rear bedroom during the morning and then we both set to cladding the bathroom. We needed at least the front side of it doing for the electrician to mount switches to. First we prepared a sheet of 6mm ply. The difficult bit was getting it to the exact curvature of the van. We took the framework down and then used the riggers that butt upto the wall as a guide drew a curve. Norm then used a jigsaw to cut it. We offered this upto the wall and then marked the bits that were keeping it from fitting perfectly. Using a small plane these were planed off and after three adjustments the ply fitted perfectly. This was then carefully stapled to the framework. The 3mm maple finish board was then cut and then glued using quick drying pva glue to the ply.