Off to a little bit of America

We are off to Colchester Castle today where they are are holding a show of American cars. It will be interesting to see if there are any RVs there although I doubt it. Jessica has been suffering with a bad cough recently which is worse at night but she is still cheerful and is playing happily so its not too worrying.

We have bought tickets for Shepton and are looking forward to getting down there in acouple of weeks


We went to see a Knaus motorhome today. One of the problems with the RV is she is big and not that nippy. However when we saw the knaus we realised that even if we had both and used the Knaus for trips we would miss the interior of the Knaus.

We spent about three hours chatting to the owners of the Knaus. They had a really interesting house which they moved into thirty years ago. The garden now is what you might refer to as established, almost to the point of being a jungle in places. They had some interesting vehicles as well including a classic GMC RV that they imported last year. We would love to meet up with Roger and Jackie again.

We then went to call in on our friends Dave and Pearl. They have just sold their house and are planning 6 months in their RV whilst they try to decide on where to buy next.

What came across with both of the couples was how cheesed of they were with the buroucracy that is now The UK. Both are in their 60s and have done well but are being hit from all sides.

We then went back to our RV and Sho got talking to some motorhomers who are staying here. After hearing of their medical problems she announced we were going to tour Somerset, stopping off at The RV show at Shepton Mallet and then Brean. She has realised how important time is


Yesterday we picked up a couple of cracking bikes from Zebs and today I went for the first bike ride I have been on for twenty years.

Now in my teens and twenties I was quite an athlete, not alot of people know that but most nights would see me on a squash or basket ball court.

But you know, when I think back to those years I really had to work hard to break a sweat, it would sometimes take an hour or so.

Now, with more experience and the obvious intellect you gain over the years I found out today that a mere few hundred yards or just a few minutes develops the same effect.

I have decided to call this phenomium “the fat effect”

Wonder why?

Can I still post

The site has been under attack from spammers over th elast few days. I have tightened down the hatches this is a test post to make sure I can still post! The spammers ahve been reported to the relevant authorities and will be getting a visit very soon.


We have spent the day fitting new blinds to the RV. The old ones were almost falling apart so it was pretty desperate. We got new venetian blinds from B&Q and after trimming to fit they all sorted bar the rear window. The rear window is an odd size and is going to take some playing with but the others look superb


I have missed posting the last few days and wow my email box has filled with emails asking if we are ok. We are, despite a number of problems and thanks for the concern.

Its been an interesting week. Last weekend our futire was looking as though it was going to centre on the Tertia Trust in Cleethorpes. The Tertia is 6 acres of land just a few hundred yards from the beach. Thirty years ago a now deceased lady set up a charity to supply holidays for under priviledged children from inner city areas.

Our frinds Sally and Shane had begun renting a bungalow on the trust and we were looking at renting a large building to set up a photo school. Sadly it did not work out and the final straw aftera number of smaller things was when the son of the present manager threatened us whilst drunk.

This borught us back to our senses and by Monday we had moved off along with Sally and Shane. This really saddened us as we had high hopes and would also have enjoyed helping the charity which seems to be suffering at the moment.
We headed back to Suffolk and then disaster no2 was realised. Whilst towing the Hijet back the brakes locked on and damage has been done. We have yet to find out what the full cost of this is going to be


It was back to work yesterday after taking some time out to help our friends get a good start on the bungalow. Went to a place called Immingham having beent here a few weeks ago. Its an interesting place with a working docks and massice estates, mainly it seems council. People have told me its really rough but so far, touch wood the people seem really ok and they love their portraits which is good for me.

I stopped in for lunch and a loo break at a chippie owned by an Indian gentleman. He moved to the UK five years ago and said he was doing really well at first. The shop was next to a truck stop and initially he was very busy. Now though he said as more and more foreigners (his words) were taking over th elorry jobs he was suffering. Apparently these foreigners do not want to pay for cooked food, rather he said they prefer to cook in their lorries so they can send more money home. It is scary to think how much money must be leaving the UK to be sent home, maybe to Poland