The joys of fulltiming

As we woke this morning Shona said that one of the things she loves about fulltiming is waking up with peace all around us and she is right. I normally get up at about 5am and do a few hours on the computer. All I can hear are the birds singing. I pulled the night blinds up and if I look to my left Jessica is sleeping and behind her through the window I have just watched the sun rise.

Nice summer so far

Its proving a lovely summer. The children broke up from scholl last week and since then its been sun and more sun. Today is no different and when I went over for a shower today the sun was streaming through the trees.
I am waiting for a call from Shane and we are going to pop over to Leeds. One of the things about the North is the amount of large towns close together. I am fast thinking that if we ever wanted to expand the business again the north would be the place to do it.
Shona and Jessica are going to head over to help Sally start to get their house ready for renting out

All change again

Itlooks like we might be spending a few weeks in Cleethorpes. We are still heading over to Southport for the weekend but then some friends are moving house and we will be spending some time helping them get the house ready. One of the pleasures of fulltiming is being able to change your plans as and when.

Nearly over

The weekend in Cleethorpes is nearly over. About three quarters of the campers have gone back home and now there areonly about 5 of us left. I have just finished delivering portraits and they all seem very pleased which is rewarding.
We are going to have a group chinese tonight which will be good fun and then tomorrow its across the country to the West coast via Selby

Good evening

We all got together last night and had a fantastic evening. Everyone had cooked some superb food, some got dressed up but all had a good time.
Today is still lovely with hot weather and everyone is sitting and chilling out

Off grid

This weekend is kicking us up the wotsit to get on and make our home self suffiecient. It is really nice to be parked up in the wilderness not linked to the national grid. Solar panels must be our target. Off to shoot some portraits this morning which I am looking forward to and then we have a big party organised for the motorhomefactmembers who are here


Do you remember yesterday when I posted the photo of the surfer. Well I posted the origonal pic on a forum I go on to see what others would come up with. This photo really knocked me out


Nice Day

Its been a cracking day today. Got up early and got out to work booking sittings for tomorrow morning. Arrived back at the site for about 2pm and then spent the rest of the day talking to motorhomefacts members and playing with Jessica.
The evening was spent having a fish and chip supper with the group and then off to bed ready for a busy day tomorrow