Fulltiming and working

I often see questions on forums about what sort of work you can do when fulltiming. Last night I had a chat with Colin who fulltimes in a Bessacarwith his wife Pauline.

For 23 years Colin would see his wife at home (a house) at weekends and then go off to work for the week. Colin makes medical centres. Suddenly Pauline decided enough was enough and now her boys were grown up she wanted to be with her husband fulltime. The answer was to fulltime and they chose a motorhome. As always they wish they had done it many years ago. I am not sure how some see fulltiming. Its obviously a major change in lifestyle and I think sometimes its easy to lose track of what it means. For us its freedom, freedom to be nomadic. We do not have to be moving constantly and as long as we do not break the rules of how long you can stay parked without moving on we are not worried if we stay in one place for weeks as we are at the moment.

For others, like Colin and Pauline its convenience and away of being together “fulltime”. However they have found a big, added bonus in that they have made so many friends at this site. Colin’s current contract is coming to an end and he looking to his next one. It is apparent that they do not want to move on.

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