Site full

The site is full again – to the brim. Only just managed to get our friends, The Snells in for the weekend due to a cancellation. A member of MHF has sent me a 60 page article on his experiences of fulltiming which I shall be having a look at today and putting on the site.

We have also been setting up a new site. We have an idea to home educate our daughter Jessica. We need to give it a lot of thought and we will be asking everyone to get involved in planning and helping.


Its a waiting game this morning. I have ordered some new frames but they will not be ready until 1pm so its at my mums until then. I will then get caught up in the Friday afternoon traffic no doubt – what a pain.

Spent ages on broadband, as good as mobile internet is every time I get on full speed bb I realise how much/fast its moving on. On mobile I am pleased to get 3mbps, this landline supplied is 54 mbps – wow

A long day

I left at 2am this morning for Suffolk to do three portrait sittings. 230 miles I arrived at 6am – the roads were great The first, for the army was so sad. The portrait was of a sergeant sent home from war because he has cancer and less than a year to live. His wife and two children were with him and the sergeants mess wanted to give them a family portrait as a gift.

All four smiled but you could read on their faces what they were thinking. This evening I am staying at my Mums in Essex and when I phoned Shona I could hear Jessica in the background. I so wanted to be with her or just to talk to her. We have not managed to get her to talk on the phone yet. Maybe a video call would work, we shall have to try that.

After the army job I then went to Clacton to photograph Sarah and Matt’s new baby. I shot their wedding last year and I have photographed both their other babies. The it was a quick meet with my eldest son David and then off to photograph Braintree to photograph Kenneth and Trudi’s family. I last photographed them eight years ago when they lived in a little flat and had two children. they have really come on in life and now have five children – four girls and a boy and live in a big house – all that cleaning, give me an RV any day lol


Motorhoming definately seems to be gaining rapidly in popularity. There is almost not a day when there is a feature somewhere about it. Today I have read one in the online Telegraph by Sarah Beeny. She hired one from Brownhills and headed off with her family and her brother’s family for a months hoilday.

You can see the article by clicking here

She talks about wild camping and attracted a comment from someone who lives abroad and he called wild campers wampers – half camper and half w******. I think this is a shame. We have wildcamped before. If you are not sure what wildcamping is, then basically it is camping, not a campsite. We did three weeks in France camping on beaches, in forests and on aires. Aires are designated areas for camping so not really wildcamping but there are no wardens and you just get on with it.

When we went they were free although you often paid a euro for water. I believe now there is a price to pay on some of them.

When we wildcamp we ensure we are not blocking any house (or hotel etc) dweller’s view so I can’t see the problem. I can understand though people getting upset if suddenly a big motorhome/RV pulls up outside and sets up camp


Jessica had her first proper accident last night. She was being really hyper and as I was trying to get some sleep after missing out the night before as I watched over the alarm she had set off I suddenly heard a crash from the back. Then I heard Shona call for me saying she was bleeding. Unfortunately she had gashed herself just above her eye leaving a cut of about an inch.

She was so lucky she had not caught the eye itself. We considered a run to the hospital but although it was a really nasty cut it was not bleeding dreadfully. We cleaned it up and I hugged her as she was really upset.

This morning it is raining. The rest of the country seems to have had rain all weekend but it has been dry here. I shall be spending the day printing and delivering the portraits from last week. There is much to do before I leave for Essex tomorrow.

A horrible cut


At 7am I briefly disarmed the security and started the engine. So far, 15 minutes later the warning light is still out. We are being very quiet but maybe we have resolved it. I reckon maybe Jessica pressing buttons confused it but when you start the engine its memory is refreshed – hope so anyway.

I also posted on and its admin, Dave found a link to a pdf that is a manual for the alarm