We have made a start. Duncan came over and did a few hours before setting off for Weston Super Mare, 250 miles away for another job. He got the air filter changed and the fuel filter. The fuel filter is a pain as the system is not self priming and it took ages to get her started again. It was a real relief to hear her start up at last. It was then onto the heating system which eventually led to a worn out motor – a £125 replacement – ouch. Duncan ordered a new one and that should arrive in time for the next episode – probably on Friday.

The day has been constant heavy rainfalls which is a shame

Today the work begins

Duncan is planning to start the work on the RV today. We spent yesterday cleaning her, giving the inside a good dowsing of disinfectant. Even when you think something is clean its surprising how black those clothes are afterwards. The site here is very nice, a lot of vans but we have remarked a number of times how quiet it is. There is a large hall, good showers and a friendly feel about it all.

Trip to The Ranch

We left The Peterborough show yesterday at about 12 noon to leave for Yorkshire. There had been talk of problems getting fuel due to a fuel strike in Scotland so we stopped at the first station on the A1 but did not have any problems. We did watch one RVer, pulling a red smart car who had driven straight to a middle pump and after filling had to reverse to get out – not to be advised.

After 50 miles we stopped for lunch and to rest the RV. She drove well but is still suffering. I think its down to fuel flow so its going to be interesting to see what happend during this major service Duncan is going to give her. We are not sure whether we are going to be here for 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 months but even if its 2 years does it really matter – gee I reckon we are really getting into the nomadic way of life.

The ranch, were we are staying seems a really nice place. We met a couple last night, Karen and Vic who have a 39 foot 5th wheel, the bed must be 7 foot wide.

Yesterday Jessica learnt to run. Its really fun to watch her. She reminds me of a fully loaded SAS soldier running across the moors. Her arms and body just hang and the only thing that moves are her legs.

Getting ready for moving

We are off to Yorkshire today to spend some time with Duncan and Chris who run Starspangledspanner – American RV mechanics and spares. They are going to give the RV a real going over. We have a slight concern as apparently the Scottish Fuel strike has effected the garages down here. Hopefully it is just panic buying amongst motorhomers and as soon as we are out of the Peterborough area we will be ok.

Busy day at Peterborough

What a busy day. We have run out of water so first off this morning I spent half an hour ferrying water to the RV. Sonya from MHF was kind enough to give me a large container to help the ferrying. the it was over to help Dave on the MHF stand. I managed to drag him away from his post to head over to Eddie and Lynn on the Vanblitz stand to take a photograph. They are one of the sponsors of the MHF photo comp and the firat round winner has chosen a £100 voucher from them as his prize.

Whilst there David arrived and offered me a lift back to Colchester to collect the Hijet which I happily accepted. So it was 120 miles back to colchester and then 120 miles back to Peterborough. I was quite impressed with how the Hijet drove on a long journey.

When I got back Shona had a party going with Duncan, Chris, Ian and Sue. A nice last evening at the Peterborough show

Peterborough motorhome show

Daniel went back to Uni yesterday so its back to the three of us. Every time he comes to see us now we realise what a helpful chap he is and we shall miss him. We really must plan to spend a month in Canterbury at some time, which is where his uni is.

We spent the rest of the day looking around the show. Its quite different this year and takes a bit of working out. We managed to get some magnetic hinges for the cabinets so that hopefully we can stop them swinging open when we are travelling.

Today the weather is much nicer, still windy but dry and bright. The MHF site is crammed to the limits with motorhomes. We are almost out of water so I think we will have to get the RV to a tap to fill up, its not going to be an easy task.

Arrived at Peterborough

Our first trip went really well. Clearing the air filter added about 5mph to the top speed. We had fun learning how to get the fuel cap off but managed to in the end. We then went to a calor gas depo and got the chap there to advise on filling up with lpg. I was amazed at first at how unhelpful he appeared but then he told me it was because some character had tried to sue them after they filled his car up. Its really sad how this sort of this is escalating in the UK. We ahve used the Calor gas depo on the A14 near Bury St Edmunds many times and they have always been very helpful. They used to actually fill your car for you but now they will not touch it.
We were impressed with the saving on the LPG though. In the past we have been spending £40 a month on gas, yesterday to top up cost us £11 for three weeks.Not so lucky with the air bags, as I put air in it came out again so obviously punctured sadly. We had a curry last night with Duncan and Chris which was a very enjoyable end to the day.

Big day tomorrow

We are off to Peterborough tomorrow but first we have to stop and fillup with Diesel, LPG, air into the tyres and air into the air suspension – loads to think about. Then its off for 120 miles or so and hopefully a bit faster than 35 mph

Good news on the engine

David came over today and had a good look at The Chevy. David just to have a demolition company and has had and rebuilt many engines.

He checked the air filter and it was filthy. The oil filter does not look as though its been changed for ten years but overall the engines runs very well. He checked the oil filler hole and there was no back pressure. Hopefully when Duncan services it we will have a well running RV.

Dave noticed the air suspension needs pumping up as do the tyres. Its good to find things wrong since it means once we have got it all done she will drive even better.