Gas, damp and leaks

Got a few deliveries to do today and then its back to the van to fit the new leisure batteries. Hopefully it should not be that hard a job. We got back to the van last night and found we had run out of gas. We normally immediately get a bottle changed when empty but we didn’t when we changed on saturday. Normally we should have got away with it. Our main bottle is a 13kg and we reckon on 10 days. Thats on hookup and using a radiator. Being off hookup we were obviously using the gas heating. We normally do have it on as background heating but now it was the main. Still a drop to 5 days is a bit severe.

The other thing I am going to try to deal with is the leak we have in the front driving compartment, more of this as we progress.

2 thoughts on “Gas, damp and leaks”

  1. Jeesh Artona …. 10 days for a gas bottle to last? You snorting the stuff? We fill up our gas bottles 2 x 11kg every 3/4 months – even less in summer. Get yourself an oil filled radiator and turn off the gas as background heating. What do you use for main heating?

    Leigh (sat in a nice toasty van – 23 degrees – with full gas tanks!) :)

  2. Hi Leigh

    We have got a gas filled radiator – two as it happens lol. We use gas for water heating and to give an overall heating. We also work from the van as well as living there and it is quite a big vehicle.

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