Post Newark

We have left Newark now and we are back at the site at Tetley we stayed at a few weeks ago. Newark got very, very wet and on Sunday most of the traders in the morning, not nice for day visitors but totally understandable as most of them were under water.

Our experiment with being off hookup was interesting. The warning lights came on Saturday night. We had the generator going for a couple of hours Sunday morning to charge them up and they seemed to be three quarters fully charged. However overnight the batteries went flat again by the night so Sunday evening we had it on again but by Monday morning flat again.

Either our batteries need changing or we need to use the genny quicker.

We spent a couple of enjoyable hours visiting Jackie and John in the Euramobile 745. The 745 is exactly the same as our 810 but is a C class rather than an A class. We think this would suit us better as it would give Jessica a badroom of her own in the Luton. Jackie and Johns also has a end bedroom over a big boot – big enough to get our printers into. I think we might well end up with one.

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  1. I would be surprised if you get get them charged up that quick! Wouldnt you expect them to only charge at about 8 amps max? That isnt a lot of charge in 2 hours (you have 2 x 110 amphour batteries?) If ours go right down then it takes a day to get them right back up (but maybe our charger is a bit soft). It is also not advisable to Deeeep cycle deep cycle batteries!! only use the top 70% or so. Grant

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