clocks forward yesterday

The clocks went forward yesterday so last night it seemed to stay light later. Added to that it was quite sunny made it a lovely day. The van also stayed dry so the latest “tempory” repair seems to have done the trick. We are off to photograph a playgroup today in Maldon. From the village hall you can see the house we lived in when we first got married. Jessica will come as well and play with the other children whilst I do the photographs

Rain, rain and even more rain

Even the sky news reporter said “When will it stop raining” and she is right, it just goes on and on. At least when you are fulltiming you get to enjoy the occasional nice day, it must be really horrible to look forward to getting away and then it rains all weekend.

Not that nice

We went to see Tony and the news was not too bad for the roof leak but the sidewall in the driving compartment is gone and needs totally taking out and redoing. The weater turned bad and so we returned to the site to decide on the best plan of action

Hopefully a beautiful day ahead

The weather is great here in Essex – sun so bright its forcing past the silver screens. Today we are taking the tarpaulin off and heading to see a friend of ours who has a motorhome business in Clacton. Hopefully we can get some good news about the leaks.

Whilst we are over in Clacton we might well take a drive along the sea front. It is possible to park a motorhome up just twenty feet from the sea. The road is a good lenght, maybe 5 – 10 miles and meanders from Jaywick, which is a shanty town but has a beautiful sandy beach all the way through Clacton, Holland and eventually Walton, although if my memory serves me right you have to drive away from the sea for a while before returning to Walton.

If we do get there Jessica will love it. As she gets older, whilst she has seen things before it is always nice to see her face as her level of understanding things improves

Living in a tent

Not literally – well not yet anyway but with the tarpaulin it feels like it. We were actually woken at 4am as the tarpaulin flew off so it was out into the wind and rain to put it back. This time we lashed it to the tow bar and took a rope under the van. Seems to have worked as it is still on at 7pm.

We have been looking at RVs today and we think we might have found one we are interested in.

Good day, bad day

Good day in as much as I have spent it at one of our suppliers in a training day for some new software and met some very nice photographers who I might well end up doing some work with. Bad day in that when I got back I found a great tarpauline over the motorhome, the leak has got even worse. I think its got to a point where we have to make some changes.

Full House

Not sure if we have ever been on a 5 site cl that is full of motorhomes but we have now. Shona has dropped her Hijetty into a car mechanic in Kelvedon for servicing and we have then popped over to mums to sort her internet connection out. It looks like she was attacked by a hacker but its all sorted now and she is back on line

A lovely day

One of the advantages of fulltiming is you don’t go off for Easter in your lovely van and then the weather lets you down, you are in your van every day. Its blue skies and a definate lift in temperature today so its windows open and let in the fresh air

What a day

We have had a couple of down pours of rain and the temporary repair seems to be watertight. The wood immediately around the skylight is drying nicely but the remainder is going to take much longer. A member from MHF has posted to say it will never dry out and needs completely replacing. I reckon a wild estimate would be £3000 so maybe a trip to Morocco would be cheaper.

I used our future toad, our little Hijetty this morning and she decided to play up as well. All of a sudden during acceleration she shook and juddered. Friends advised it might be clutch or brakes, both good suggestions. Jake, a breakdown chappie who came out to my son’s car once was called for and he discovered it was the air cleaner that was clogged. He was very impressed with Hijetty and said we had a good one but it did need servicing. He recommended a mechanic in Kelvedon and I will be calling Dean there tomorrow.


Is it disaster

For some time now we have been plagued with water getting in through the roof. We have found many, many leaks and repaired them all but one has been alluding us. With two inches of snow falling yesterday and then thawing rapidly it flooded in. We thought it was the roof vent and so I took it off but then I found a small hole no more than a millimetre wide but big enough to let water in. I only found it by looking under the steel sheet that forms the very top and seeing a pin prick sized shaft of light.

Shona went to search for a shop open to buy a piece of perspex but being Easter Sunday everywhere was closed. I then realised that the very top of the skylight would glue directly to the roof making it water tight whilst hopefully everything dries out. It is now a waiting game to see if we have permanent damage or whether it will dry out and still be servicable.