Revisiting old sites

This week I am back at thelodgecl in Colchester. We stayed here a few years back and have fond memories. Since we were here last site owners Paul and Caron have added a nice toilet block complete with laundry, ideal for the fulltimer. There is also a very reliable broadband connection included in the nightly charge of £10. Each pitch has it’s own water tap and grey water dump. I am shooting some family portraits and it’s been nice seeing regular customers again.

Today’s breakfast



If you are wondering why I have posted a photograph of my breakfast its because I have just set up my Iphone4 to post straight to the blog. I can’t believe, really that I have not done it before! 5 years ago whilst at my inlaws I first discovered mobile internet. Of course its not common place but back then even T Mobile, our then provider were denying it was possible but I was connecting. I have used wordpress since 2008 and yet its taken me months to get around to linking the Iphone to wordpress via a free app. Its going to be great, expect more posts, regular posts, throughout the day, hope you don’t get bored lol.


Where it will be great is with a new blog I am bout to launch at For the past two weeks I have been on a diet. Now with the diet I did find an app, one called myfitnesspal. You enter everything you eat and it works out the calories and everything. In the last two weeks I have lost over 10lbs. Now although 10lbs is only a small percentage of my weight, I was 24st 7lbs when I started 10lbs is making big changes to my life. No longer do I feel exhausted. My body aches less and I feel less stressed. It also helps to eat more regulary and better meals rather than snacking.

Working trip to Essex

We have just been on a working trip to Essex. Shona and Jessica came to and we parked up on Mum’s drive. One of the great things about FlowerRozy is her size, she can go anywhere a medium sized car can go. Shona and I canvassed an estate called North Melbourne. We shot 7 great families (with a camera that is) and I am looking forward to heading back to deliver them in a couple of weeks. We are offering a really superb deal at the moment. We managed to get hold of some 30 inch stretcher bars at a great price so we are focussing on 30 inch X 20 inch canvasses. No idea if they will sell well but we will see.

FlowerRozy handled herself really well and we slept like logs. The new gearbox is settling in and my mind is working overtime on how to fit some external storage systems. I fancy one on the rear door that opens out into a bench to ahve a BBQ on. We would also manufacture an awning to go on the back. On the top there is room for another storage box but I also want another solar panel so I guess the answer is to manufacture a box with a flat top and put the solar panel onto that. Some careful planning to do.

I saw this post on (click here) by very well know motorhomer Don Madge. He has a storage system on the rear door of his panel van and I like this design as it still allows for the opening of the door


Don’s van is in at Timberland Motorhomes being resprayed at the moment but when it comes back I would love to see it.

A busy few weeks

We are getting away almost every weekend at the moment which is great but not so great is my attention to this blog, I really must do better. A few weeks ago saw us down in Stratford with a group of friends. The weekend had nothing to do with the royal wedding but that was the excuse that was used. One of the crazy things they did was a highly competitive event called “Rolling the Fray Bentos tin, a comp won by me lol!!


We then went with the same group to Misterton near Doncaster. I had a great game of golf there and loved the little course we played on. Then it was back to Stratford for a week at the motorhome show.


This weekend we are off camping with Jessica’s school which should be fun, I think lol

The Solar Panel in use

We love our solar panel. Its just so good at keeping the batteries charged up and once installed its free power, such a nice feeling. The other weekend we spent 4 days camping off grid and even though we watched quite a bit of television, used lights whenever and showered daily (uses the electric pump) our battereis spent most of their time fully charged, fantastic